Side Projects

When I'm not scrolling through TikTok, I'm probably speedrunning Minecraft or Super Mario 64. But when I'm not doing that either, I make things. Most productive Gen-Z kid amirite? The trick is to have Subway Surfers running on one of my four screensπŸ’€

But seriously, building stuff is awesome.

I'm maintaining a very selective list of some of the things I've built. So I'm not including stuff like my embarrassing Club Penguin YouTube channel, the physics/sci-fi comic-strips I drew for my imaginary science magazine, random Discord bots or a simple no-code website-maker I made in 2013. Nah actually, I'm kinda proud of that last one - it was the first "software" I built and shipped. I was 13, had no mentors or knew anyone who wrote code, and taught myself how to write basic Visual BASIC (lol) from a random website I found. I didn't even realise you could use YouTube to learn programming back then, I mostly used to buy or download textbooks for that stuff.

Other Random Things

A breakdown I wrote in 2019 of a viral tweetstorm: Erik Torenberg on How To Be Successful

A simple static site I hacked together in 2020 that won first place in a Replit hackathon: Shawn's Trajectory

A how-to Buildspace asked me to write in 2022: Build a GPT-3 app to write really good DMs


bruh, fr? it's 2024, get out of here (jk ily). never needed to make a resume in my life lol

If you're that bored, check out my 404 page instead lol. I had to redo some of the math behind the warping stars from the main page just to make it work here even though barely anyone is ever going to see it.


I am very excited about where we're headed as a species with technology and feel a great sense of urgency to contribute to that in much more meaningful ways. This means that the projects I do naturally become higher commitment and longer term. I hope to see some of these projects taking the form of venture scale startups and contributions to scientific research. I don't know the specifics yet; all I can say is that the future looks very, very exciting!

Want to talk?

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